Our Motorhomes

Motorhome Bumble Bee

          Because of its small size, Bumble Bee can fit anywhere. The inside space is very comfortable, and its awning can welcome up to 50 people standing, and 35 to 50 people sitting. Build-up only takes 4 hours, and dismantling 2, which makes the Bumble Bee our most flexible of hospitality structures.

Motorhome Optimus

          The Optimus offers 3 possible layouts: simple awning (84m2), simple rotunda (130m2), or double rotunda (260m2). Inside is a completely equipped space and a large space at the back allows us to stock and transport plenty of equipment.

Motorhome Ultra Magnus

          Ultra Magnus has just recently joined the rest of our vehicles, and is currently operational.
The animation is in progress, we will be unveiling him soon.